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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

A Milano Si Muore Cosi

On the streets of Milan there is an unleashed beast, this “Nicu ‘ U Bucceri”, a professional killer that criminal people consider a “Maverick” of the ‘Ndrangheta. In fact, “‘U Bucceri” has a precise task and to carry it out he does not worry about the number of corpses that he leaves behind.

‘U Bucceri is smart and extremely dangerous. Yet, despite he constantly looks back, he is not aware of being followed by a strange woman who arrives straight from his past and wants revenge . Assigned to the investigation with the outlines of the family massacre, the Commissioner Vincenzo Marino of the Police of Milan soon finds himself at the center of an intrigue that looks like organized crime. Surrounded by hostile colleagues, he is forced to move on a ground made insidious by the inexplicable inaction of the investigating magistrate and especially from suspicion, not at all unfounded, that in his division, in the his own team, supporters of criminal organizations have infiltrated, “moles” who, from within the institutions, strive to promote the trade of the most powerful Mafia of all, the ‘Ndrangheta.

Gradually, between blunders, false leads and underground struggles between DA’s Offices that would ensure the ownership of the investigation, all the tiles of the puzzle fall into place by drawing the terrifying tapestry of a secret Milan where dirty business, mafia masonry murders on commission and unexpected complicity are connected one to the other.

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