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Publisher: Paramica

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89582-61-9


Aida is a young and beautiful Ethiopian princess who was captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. She lives in the pharaoh’s palace where she serves his daughter, Amneris. Aida meets Radames, a military commander, and they fall in love. Egypt is about to go to war with Ethiopia and Radames hopes to be named commander of the Egyptian army. He wants to come back from the war victorious so that he can ask the pharaoh for Aida’s freedom. Meanwhile, Aida is desperate because the man she loves is about to fight against her father. She does not know what destiny has in store for her! This is one of the most beloved operas by Giuseppe Verdi. The story is skillfully retold for children through the words of Monica Lapenta and wonderful illustrations by Ilaria Tellatin.

Quadrilingual volume:

Italian, English, German, Russian


Author: Monica E. Lapenta

Illustrator: Ilaria Tellatin


Prefaced by: Maria Chiara

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

Original libretto by: Antonio Ghislanzoni

ISBN: 978-88-89582-61-9


# Pages: 44

Size: 11 3/4′ x 8 1/4′

Format: Paperback