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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

Anime Alla Deriva

In the “ladieras” of Pelourinho, in Salvador de Bahia, there is a raging band of street children led by Marcos. Abandoned by their parents, ignored by the institutions, are slaves of the vapors of glue and of Wagner “the black”, undisputed boss of that part of the city, to which they deliver all proceeds of the robberies they commit. Their lives will intersect with those of Ernesto and Rachele, two volunteers of a O.N.G. who will try, risking their own lives, to change the course of things. Thousands of kilometers away, the Commissioner Scichilone, the victim of an identity crisis and depression, is struggling against himself seeking a way out in alcohol. Nevertheless, he will be forced to investigate on Matteo, a drug addict who is guilty of murder. Marcos, Wagner, Ernesto, Rachele, Matteo and Commissioner Scichilone, as adrift souls, will be swallowed by the fate that will connect and will affect their lives.

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