Book Detail

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Silvia VASSENA @ Milano by Gexcel , 11/9/2018

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788881557394

Arduin the Renegade

Is a name enough to define us? No, it’s not. Every one of us grows and changes many times during our existence. A name, simply a name, cannot be enough to tell us who we are. Every human being knows that life without change cannot exist and that each of us is many names. A human being also knows how the concepts of Good-Evil and the boundries that should keep them distinctly apart become nuanced, permeable. What is on one side shifts around, transforms itself, changes.
Silvana De Mari tells the tale of the intricate course of finding the truth of our own selves, by narrating the story of Arduin, The Lord of Light. A hero, an ogre, which is of course remembered in countless scrolls, but only by using hints, that distort his story, and sometimes deny it.

Throughout the entire saga a detail is erased: Arduin’s real name is Arduink, and he is an ogre. An ogre who has crossed and gone beyond the border of the land of men in the name of his love for Giada, the warrior princess, and to make sure that children will never be killed again. All this without ever denying his origins, without ever forgetting he is an ogre.

In the pages full of events and unforgettable characters, Arduink becomes Arduin. While losing a consonant, he acquires various burdens: being disowned by his race, taking upon himself to save mankind from extermination, showing it the road to bravery and the acceptance of one another. It wouldn’t otherwise be possible to make people understand how the destiny of each and every one of us is never determined from the beginning.

But with Arduin The Renegade, De Mari also tells of how the name by which we are called cannot by itself define who we reallly are. Once again her characters show the readers that ‘WE ARE THE CHOICES WE MAKE’.
Arduin The Renegade’s evocative booktrailer¬†highlights the importance of FREE WILL. Nothing defines a man better than his choices and the acceptance their consequences. An ogre, according to the novel, is therefore also a son, a father, a traitor, a hero, a lover, a friend. By seeing the complexity that lies in each and every one of us, we can understand our uniqueness and how much of it will be passed down. Also thanks to the wisdom of the Dragons….