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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

Arrigoni e il Caso di Piazzale Loreto

“The town, in a thriller, is the glass that holds the wine. In a Noir is the wine itself .” So, with a metaphor, Roberto Carboni, gives a soul to his latest book,“Bologna. Destinazione Notte” (Fratelli Frilli Editori) . Until a few weeks ago he was a taxi driver for profession, creative writing teacher for passion, author of noir novels by vocation, Carboni, was born in 1964, lives in Sasso Marconi, he has set his book in Bologna. “It ‘ a strange city, warm in the day and mysterious in the night, ideal for developing a noir .” It is on this concept, Noir , which Carboni puts the accent. “Many confuse it with the thriller, but it is not so, they are genres very diverse and far from one  another. The thriller – explains – is full of rules, has a social purpose and in fact the culprit is always identified . The noir is different.” 213 pages , the book is so long , to thrash out the odyssey of Annibale Dori, the main character  a night taxi driver with a passion for jazz. Between women and locals, mutilated bodies are found, police investigations are developed, murders are perpetrated. Yet, Carboni ensures that ‘despite the novel is raw, the violence is only foreseen and never becomes vulgarity. There is evil, but there are also positive characters, not only ‘ dark’. “Carboni is also satisfied by the landing at Fratelli Frilli Editori of Genoa, one of the few publishing houses in Italy that even in times of crisis is emerging in the country, with a constant search for  new Italian authors. “It’s been a quantum leap – confirms Carboni.” Carlo Frilli, the publisher, is also satisfied. “We believe that every land has its peculiarities, that the stories should be set in real cities, in times and places that readers know or can discover. It is essential to the credibility of the text.”

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