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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-7563-325-7

Bacci Pagano: Una Storia da Carruggi

Bacci Pagano. A tale from the ghetto

Detective Bacci Pagano is a man of simple pleasures: he loves Mozart, good food and literature. But above all, he loves women even if they tell him he is a ‚Äúsentimentally illiterate‚ÄĚ. He works as a private detective in Genoa, where the narrow streets of the old town are his favourite place. His wife divorced him, and his daughter does not want to see him anymore. His new girlfriend has just left him. He has one more friend, Inspector Pertusiello, who will be his partner in this first case: someone is about to kill the Prime Minister.

Bruno Morchio was born in Genoa in 1954. Ever since he obtained degrees in Literature and in Psychology, he has worked as a psychotherapist in Genoa. For Fratelli Frilli Editori he wrote three crime novels that have gone through a number of editions. All his books have as a main character the detective Bacci Pagano. His three novels have been published in Germany by Unionsverlag during the last two years.

Pages 400

Size: 14×21 cm

Year: 2007

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