Book Detail

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , November 2016

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869342004

Born to Go Far

Nato per Arrivare Lontano

Berat is a small hinterland city in Albania, a microcosmo where cultural heritage, codes of conduct and political repression reign supreme. It is from this corner of the world that Lushi Kaja leaves,  barely a teenager, on his way to the so dreamt Europe,  a harbinger  of promises.

As in the beautiful Lamerica by Gianni Amelio, Lushi boards an obsolete boat to reach Apulia’s coasts. From there, he is set to reach the Milan of the early 90’s and, in no time, to enter the world of organised criminality, becoming the most appreciated and feared world drug dealer.

Born to go far is the excruciating epic of a man that, once having smelled the power, desperately

wants to do something about it. For instance, he looks for something that raises him from the ethical and moral squalor he has lived in.

A novel produced within the real crime bowels that he illustrates. The authors, Qani Kelolli and Nazareno Caporali, have actually experienced detention in the prison of Bollate, in Milan, where they met the main character of the novel and decided to tell his story, made of amoral and desperate deeds.

Deceptions, traps, betrayals and harassments, revenges and murders: the world portrayed by the authors is inhumain and fierce, as the rule of homo homini lupus and the shakespearian conspiracies are organised with a dramatic haunting progression, a sublime sense of the rhythm, and syncopated virulence.

Yacht and cocaine, mafia and clan leaders, beautiful women and violence explosion deflagrate with no solution of continuity in a contradictory, disturbing, fascinating and slinky epic.