Book Detail

Genre: Non-fiction - Children board book

Publisher: La Coccinella , 9/27/2018

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788868906313

Buongiorno, LEPROTTO!

Nature tells beautiful stories, which win, surprise and excite like real adventures! “Buongiorno, Leprotto!” is a title of series “Piccole storie di natura (Nature short stories)”. Three books are part of this series, where the precious images of Agnese Baruzzi narrate, together with the short texts, the story of nature and some of its small inhabitants: a caterpillar destined for a prodigious transformation, a robin singing in the sky, a baby hare learning to leave the safety of his burrow under the ground. The shaped and perforated pages create very suggestive scenes to watch, touch, explore, and mark the passing of time.

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