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Publisher: Paramica

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89582-49-7

Cavalleria Rusticana

This drama unfolds between two young people, Santuzza and Turiddu, during the Easter holiday. Turiddu is Santuzza’s fiancé, but he is still in love with Lola, a woman he was once engaged to. Lola is now married to Alfio, but Santuzza believes that she still loves Turiddu.


While everyone is at church, Santuzza goes to Turiddu’s mother, Mamma Lucia, and explains the circumstances. Mama Lucia was unaware of her son’s secret love and is shocked by the news. After mass, Santuzza confronts Turiddu, but he does not want to listen and pushes her aside. Wounded by this treatment, the young girl decides to tell the truth to Lola’s husband. Alfio is furious and feels betrayed. He tells Santuzza that there is only one way to resolve the situation . . .


Quadrilingual volume:

Italian, English, Spanish, French


Author: Sara Oliverio

Illustrator: Elisa Moriconi


Composer: Pietro Mascagni

Original libretto by: Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci


ISBN: 978-88-89582-49-7

# Pages: 44

Size: 11 3/4′ x 8 1/4′

Format: Paperback