Book Detail

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , December 2013

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788898801770

Cold Over the Lake Erie

Il Freddo sul Lago Erie

Ohio, United States, Winter 2006.

Brian Slother is alone and desperate. The death of a dear person left such a gaping hole that even his work at the FBI, his life mission, can fill.

An investigation regarding the disappearance of a certain number of people throughout the US territory with no apparent logic is assigned to Brian’s Bureau section.

Despite Slother and his colleagues are the best analysts and psychological profiling of serial killers and other criminals, it is not impossible to trace the minimum clue.

The first light of truth is given when Brian unexpectedly finds an old classmate, working in the army, with whom can work in the complex investigation: an object is found on the scene of one of the disappearances, which reveals a completely different direction, as the army itself appears to be at the centre of an obscure plot.

Adrenaline-pumping thriller in occasion of Roberto Berenzin’s debut that, in the best plot of the political fiction, chapter after chapter, investigation after investigation, is not afraid to completely turn the tide, bluff the characters and the narrative pipe, raising the bids and making the reader feel the icy wind that blows over the Lake Erie.

The eBook sold more than 1,100 copies, and it has been ranked within the 10 Italian Bestsellers for a month on