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Publisher: Archideos

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-87653-10-6

Designing Gardens

Gardens designed with a simple design, essential and harmonious, to enhance and give prominence to nature. Drawings of sections and contours that shape and soften the ground to create a sense of continuity and peace. In the 22 examples in the book, of which 16 are private gardens scattered in all climates of Italy, three plants-Loro Piana, Kartell and De Padova – a winter garden, a Banking Center, the Cloister of Mirasole, you can see how well a project designed to be effective not only on the scenic, but also for the economy of maintenance and future evolution. Great outdoors lawn mowing mechanically, shrubs and trees grouped together to form the fifth, shelter from the wind or from unwanted views. As the dense screen of trees and evergreens, planned and designed forty years ago in the “Garden and sculptures,” which, photographed today, shows a vegetation arrived in all its beautiful, lush maturity. The final part of a list of works, divided into categories of intervention, tells the story of over fifty years of gardens built.

LANGUAGE: Multilingual edition Italian-English


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