Book Detail

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , December 2017

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869342103

Diario di una Squilibrata

Diary of an Unbalanced Girl

This is one of the terms that Janis, a thirty-year-old childish and impulsive woman, often uses within her diary.

To write in order to keep track of her mistakes and to think about her disastrous existence, this is what her exasperated psychologist suggested her.

Janis do it, without understanding that putting on paper her problems is not enough to magically sold them, above all, with no effort. Desperately drinking and smoking, she keeps escaping from responsibilities with lighting speed. A sudden meeting will oblige her to change for the better… or for the worse?

The main character is a sort of a female version of Peter Pan, who spends her life surviving, hiding his problems to the farthest corners of her conscience.

A novel written in a disrespectful, sexually uninhibited, and unconventional way, whose main aim is certainly to make readers laugh. “But”, there is always a “but”, behind the grin there is often a veil of bitter melancholy.