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Publisher: :duepunti edizioni:

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-6727-001-9


Palermo, the devil

« What makes an anthropological novel?

The desire to be and not be at the same time and place »

*Falsomiele is the name of a suburbian distric of Palermo. The word is also an oxymoron that sounds like “fake-honey.”

Caruso travels through time with the memory, but the most curious thing is that he abuses of the gift of ubiquity: a bonus received by the devil who wears as a manager. Ubiquity is the new frontier of progress, the answer to the complexities of globalization, and Caruso ends up in there by mistake, unable to control his compulsive desires (rediscovering old loves, launching himself into new and more extravagant ones, fix himself up to go literally in pieces).

Loves are basically like places, are made of contiguity and distances, absences, escapes and returns. Palermo, Paris, Berkeley, Africa, South America, the inside of a volcano, a prison, every place is the sum of contradictions. Falsomiele is not just a neighborhood, it is an oxymoron that traps the senses with sweetness and warns about the transience of all of the things, of all of the places where you are, you were or you would like to be.

:duepunti edizioni, 2014

April 2014 | 224 pages | series: Terrain vague, n. 39

Cover photo “Quattro Canti di Palermo” digitally processed by Giuseppe Schifani

FRANCO LA CECLA was born in Palermo. He teaches anthropology at various universities in the world (Berkeley, Paris, Venice, Bologna and Milan), he has written many essays (Get Lost, 2006; Misunderstanding, 2007; Against Architecture, 2009), travel stories (Good Morning Karaoke, 2003; Indian Kiss, 2013) and filmed documentaries (In Another Sea, 2009) Falsomiele is his first fiction book.