Book Detail

Publisher: La Coccinella

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978887548701-0

Farm Animals

A cow, a owl, a duck, a rabbit, a mouse, a fox… Anyone can easily draw all of these animals outlining them using these wonderful stencils! The book lets you draw each animal in two different landscapes, but you can use the stencils on other blank sheets to make your own creations. From the book you can also detach a ruler, a square and other quite useful drawing instruments!

Trim size 24.3 x 22.8 cm
24 pages (12 die cut board pages and 12 paper pages)
Spiral binding, cased in cover with round spine

Giochiamo a Disegnare series
Titles in the series:
978887548701-0 Farm Animals
978887548808-6 Fairies, Dragons, Witches and Castles

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