Book Detail

Genre: Non-fiction, Health, Well-being

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , May 2014

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869341199

Food and Nutrition in Folk Calabria

Alimentazione e Cibo nella Calabria Popolare

Calabria and food. People, history, culture and the age-old nutrition are analysed through a modern investigation where ethnography, anthropology, and sociology melt together with ease. Luigi Elia offers readers an essay, which is suspended on past and present, on ancestral memories and pieces of news. A real journey to the history and folk food of an ancient civilization, from the glorious splendour of the Greek colonialization to our globalized modernity.

Salvatore Mongiardo introduces the work by stating: “Calabria is a land not to be missed: its destiny. The Mediterranean diet, a healthy and balanced diet, is the last present Calabria gives to the entire world”. A memorable statement that reminds how Luigi Elia’s study is a precious present given to readers, too. From those who are very passionate about ethnography, from the antiquity connoisseurs, to those fond of cooking, going through simple curious people. A very innovative work, able to touch a variety of intercultural aspects and to give a comprehensive framework of a land, a region, rich in an immense heritage.