Book Detail

Publisher: Federighi Editori di Pampaloni Gloria

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89159-17-0

Il Decameron di G.Boccaccio 1

Frà Cipolla – Chichibìo - Calandrino

The Decameron by G.Boccaccio 1
Brother Cipolla – Chichibìo – Calandrino and the Heliotrope

Text by Cinzia Bigazzi
Illustrations by Patrizio Spadoni
Pages: 48
Format: 210×210 mm
Binding: Paperback
Language: Italian, English, German
ISBN (Italian): 978-88-900705-6-0
ISBN (English): 978-88-89159-17-0
ISBN (German): 978-88-89159-16-3
Publishing house: Federighi Editori
Series: Le Novelle della Cipolla

It’s 1348 and the Black Death is ravaging the city of Florence. Seven young ladies and three young men escaping the terrible plague, take refuge in a country villa, where they pass the time dancing, singing and telling stories. This is the ideal frame of the one hundred tales wich made up the Decameron, told in ten days by the ten young Florentines.

In this book there are three tales.