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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

Il Gioco Delle Sette Pietre

During the New Year’s Eve of 1964, Camurro the police agent in Syracuse receives a disturbing phone call: it is Miss Russo who claims to have seen three men killing Antonio Passanisi, owner of the restaurant “La spada blu”. Arrived on the spot, Commissioner Paolo Portanova is in front of a crime scene entirely new. The corpse of Passanisi has disappeared and with it even the smallest trace of a culprit.

A locked door, in the back, will be the clue of the story and will cause bad troubles. The difficulty of the investigation is worsened by the insistent voice of the rain that will open a gap between the memories of the commissioner, who was forced to come to terms with its past. Unravelling the knot, Portanova, despite himself, with the help of Inspector Gurciullo and Agent Iannelli, will find himself tangled in a murky history of political and personal revenge, soaked with the red blood of carnal love.

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