Book Detail

Publisher: La Coccinella

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978887548328-9

Il primo libro per le BAMBINE

The First Book For GIRLS

These books are an endless mine of games and entertaining activities, to play alone or with friends. The spiral binding of these books allows to mix up many different materials – paper, light an thick board, stickers, coloured PVC and more special sheets, even a real mirror – each one offering to the child many game ideas and advices, as well as a lot of die-cut elements to be detached and assembled creating  amazing little toys and objects to play with.

Trim size cm 26 x 32,5
48 pages plus sheets of special materials
High bulk cover with glossy painted edges
Spiral binding
In the same series: Il primo libro delle lettere e dei numeri (The First Book of Letters and Numbers) &  Il primo libro delle nanna (The First Book  to Go to Bed)

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