Book Detail

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , April 2017

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869342547

Il Violino Noir

The Noir Violin

CREMONA, 1721. Antonio Stradivari, the most famous luthier of his time, receives a commission for the realization of a new violin. A special violin bound to the bow’s grand master.

PARIS, 1748. Jean-Marie Leclair is one of the most celebrated violinist of the Baroque time. Virtuous of his instrument, he is also one of the most important French composers. He is the first to make French people know the Italian style. In 1764 he is brutally assassinated and his precious instrument smuggled.

USA, 1789. In the new nation, led by George Washington, there are people plotting to ensure themselves some Stradivarian violins and to hide precious instruments, the architect to whom the realisation of White House was assigned will be bothered.

SAN FRANCISCO, 2013. A weird murder involves the Opera Theater in the city of San Francisco. In one of the dressing rooms, a violinist, Elizabet Chang, is found dead. His precious instrument, a Stradivarius of 1721, belonging to the famous Jean-Marie Leclair, is stolen. The special agents Turner and Bliss are in charge of investigating and solving the weird case.