Book Detail

Publisher: Silvia VASSENA @ Milano by Gexcel , 11/9/2016

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788881556885

J. K. Rowling The Enchantress of 450 million Readers

- No equivalent on the market in terms of length, depth of research, analysis viewpoint, up to date content, huge bibliography
– It reads like a novel
– The perfect gift for the perfect fan

There’s something enchanted in the story of this british writer, so much that sometimes it looks even more engaging than the Harry Potter plot itself. This book invites you to discover such enchantment, as well as to discover from how far some of the materials infused in the magical saga may have travelled and how much they’re deep seated – at times consciously and at times unconsciously – in the mind of this wizardry world’s magnificent creator.

In spite of the unprecedented success of ‘Harry Potter’ and in spite of the countless essays which it has produced, when it comes to the writer behind all that we find out that, surprisingly, there are very few extensive book biographies. What’s more, none of these go beyond the year 2005. On the contrary, there are plenty of small 30/100 pages books – it depends on the format – which aim at the younger audience and which simply travel through the most famous stages of her life.
Therefore it did not exist, until now, a fully updated biography which not only can be enjoyed by any kind of audience but, at the same time, has a more academic breath, thanks to a meticolous bibliographical quotation and to some speculative subjects tied to the strict biographical vicissitudes which actually transform the book into a hybrid and more interesting ‘bio- essay’.

It must be underlined that, just as for all the pre-existing works, this one also is an unofficial publication. Therefore it is based upon indirect material, generated by scattered statements released by the writer or by the people who’ve been around her, in the spantime of the last 15 years, or by the magazines’ reports which haven’t stopped being published ever since she became a celebrity.

But this book is not only the most complete ‘summa’ of all the above mentioned sources: it’s also an attempt to give information not mentioned in earlier biographies, as well as to track down, whenever possible, the numerous repercussions that the writer’s life events have, or may have, exerted on the Harry Potter contents. To be continued.