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Publisher: Paramica

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89582-63-3

La Boheme

La Bohéme is a dramatic opera “par excellence”. How can it be told to children without betraying it and yet keeping its poetry and tragic force? Simply by transforming it into a fairy tale which exalts the funny moments and makes the terrible moments ethereal and fairy-tale like.

Readers old and young alike can confront the fundamental themes of romantic aesthetics: love, jealousy, friendship, poverty, illness and death. These are all themes that have always characterized the traditional European fairy-tale imagination with the intent of entertaining but also of
reassuring through the catharsis which the fairy tale allows the young reader by becoming “an entrance into a protected world”.

Fabrizio Silei and Daniela Volpari took up this challenge and have given us a tale with extraordinary and poetic images of that which is and will remain one of the most famous operas in the world.

Quadrilingual volume:
Italian, English, German, Spanish

Author: Fabrizio Silei
Illustrator: Daniela Volpari

Prefaced by: Simonetta Puccini
Composer: Giacomo Puccini
Original libretto by: Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa

ISBN: 978-88-89582-63-3
Pages: 44
Size: 11 3/4′ x 8 1/4′
Format: Paperback