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Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori

Format: hardcover

L’amaro dell’immortalita

Then the world is really going the wrong way, if Cardo is falling in love , if he is looking for a job, if someone believes that he is the son of an earl, if a liquor makes you live two hundred years. And the cause of it all is an absolute love, shocking, never tried before. Too much, for Cardo, who is forced to conceal his feelings and especially to keep well hidden the object of his passion. But such a metamorphosis is suspected to Angela, who is perhaps a little jealous. Meanwhile, the work calls and Cardo runs to Monforte, on invitation of Rombo, a new bowling friend. He should paint a trompe l’ oeil in a villa surrounded by vineyards. From that moment misunderstandings chase each other, life and death are ambiguous, men and animals are compared, present merges with the past and from Monforte we climb to Bairo, in the Canavese , where a mysterious elixir takes the place of Nebbiolo … And once again, Cardo is in trouble , between those who want to burn it and who tries to drown him to wrest a secret that he ignores … Will his new love be able to save him?

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