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Publisher: Federighi Editori di Pampaloni Gloria

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89159-25-1

Leonardo per Gioco

La Divina Proporzione

Playing with Leonardo
The Divine Proportion

Curated by Rocco Sinisgalli
Pages: 48
Format: 170×230 mm
Binding: Paperback
Language: Italian, English
ISBN (Italian): 978-88-89159-27-9
ISBN (English): 978-88-89159-25-1
Publishing house: Federighi Editori
Series: Scienze ed arti nel Rinascimento/Sciences and Arts in the Renaissance
Playing with Leonardo
The Divine Proportion

With his ‘glorious’ and ‘ineffable left hand’, Leonardo made, not only the five regular polyhedrons visible and comprehensible to everyone, after centuries of silence, but also many other solids deriving from them or connected to them. From that moment on Leonardo confirmed the triumph of those solids and of the ‘Divine Proportion’ which those figures needed to be drawn.