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Publisher: La Coccinella

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978887548291-6

Maxi pista

Just open the pages of this incredible book and you will have a big 3D racetrack, 4 meters long, where you can race the two cars joined to the book.
Place them on the starting blocks, charge the spring and start the race! The path is full of surprises, bends, tunnels while simple rules make the game even more amusing.
When the game is over, the track pages can be easily folded again into the book. If the kids are still willing to play, they can just turn the book over and open it to find a big ‘snakes and ladders’ game board to play with dice and the little toy cars as pieces.

Closed size cm 32 x 32
Open size cm 95 x 64
20 pages
Spiral binding
In the same series: La grande corsa

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