Book Detail

Genre: Non-fiction, Health, well-being

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , July 2016

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869341502

Postural Habits

Hábitos Posturales

This book studies the way of doing things. Analyses the mechanics of the human body during daily life and proposes a way to retrain the postures and movements.

From your reading, you learn to observe, perceive and understand those movements a benefit of those who do not. At the same time, it can be interpreted as A manual for preventing injuries and a discussion on how to find the causes of the ailments we generate.

In this book, the author suggests postures and movements that should be practiced and naturally incorporated as habits. So, besides preventing injuries and pains, you can take care your body in every activity.

The book was suggested as supplementary textbook in more than 50 Physiotherapy clinics in South America.