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Publisher: Edizioni Edilingua

Format: disc

ISBN: 978-960-693-059-1

Progetto Italiano Junior Video

Progetto italiano Junior Video is a video course for teenagers which accompanies and perfectly complements the Progetto italiano Junior course book. It consists of three DVDs, one per level, presenting video material that follows the thematic, grammatical and lexical progression of the course.?
The DVD (PAL version) of each level is attached to the Student’s book!

Each DVD (about 50 minutes) consists of three sections:
– Episodes of a didactic sitcom where the characters are the same as in the comics of the book.
– Interviews with Italian students on the topics of each unit.
– A Quiz-show on the cultural content and the vocabulary of each unit.
?Progetto italiano Junior Video is accompanied by the video activities, included in each volume of Progetto italiano Junior and by the Teacher’s Guide (available online).

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