Book Detail

Publisher: Carthusia Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-95443-26-3

Tararì tararera…

Piripu Bibi, the baby of the family, isn’t happy to wait around for the others to come back from collecting fruit, and so she sets off into the forest looking for trouble!
This is a simple stories told in a fantasy language: a happy sequence of sounds that invites the adult reader to play around with the intonations of the voice, facial expressions and body movements … and thus create a playful and cheerful complicity.

Series devised and created
by Emanuela Bussolati

Illustrated and bound volumes
40 pages
25 x 23.5 cm format
Age: from 2 years and upwards… for everyone!

Andersen Prize 2010 Best Book 0/6 years

Super Andersen Prize 2010 Book of the year