Book Detail

Publisher: Paramica

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89582-59-6

The Elixir of Love

In a delightful, peaceful country village Doctor Dulcamara arrives to create confusion. He is a charlatan.

He is very skilled in convincing people about his wonderful elixir. He deceives almost everyone, including shy Nemorino who is trying to conquer the beautiful Adina. Nemorino will find himself catapulted into a whirlwind of odd and confusing situations.

At the end will he be able to find peace again and especially the courage to declare his love to Adina? An exhilarating story told in an exciting way by Cristina Marsi and beautifully illustrated by Ingrid Kuris.


Quadrilingual volume:

Italian, English, Spanish, German


Author: Cristina Marsi

Illustrator: Ingrid Kuris


Composer: Gaetano Donizzetti

Original libretto by: Felice Romani

ISBN: 978-88-89582-59-6


# Pages: 44

Size: 11 3/4′ x 8 1/4′

Format: Paperback