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Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , January 2016

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869341205

The Italian Mediterranean Diet

Following Alimentazione e cibo nella Calabria popolare (Food and nutrition in folk Calabria) Luigi Elia keeps on with his Journey around the gastronomic universe of the genuine art of cooking.

The word “diet” comes from Greek and stands for “lifestyle”, more properly “food style”. In the collective term, that is often associated with fasting and abstinence, renunciations and deprivations.

Diet instead, it means “to be educated to eat properly”, be aware of the choices to be made by consuming healthy foods, eating everything in the right quantities and at the right frequencies, and conducting a life based on physical movement. Despite the countries by the Mediterranean Basin differ in languages and traditions, they have food in common, that could be identified in the so-called “Mediterranean diet”, a dietary pattern that, according to the latest scientific research, seems now completely extinct.