Book Detail

Genre: Guides, Manuals, Aeronautics

Publisher: Bibliotheka Edizioni , September 2014

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788869340086

The New Manual for Gliders

Nuovo Manuale del Volovelista

The author of Vivo per miracolo (Alive by a miracle) and La mia Vita in Aeronautica Militare (My life in the Air Force), with the Nuovo Manuale del Volovelista (The new manual for gliders), momentarily departs from the autobiographical genre to try a new adventure: the drafting of a manual for the aspiring glider pilots.

The manual, compiled in accordance with the Ministerial Programs has, indeed, the precise intent of providing a guide to the study of theoretical and theoretical-practical subjects necessary for the attainment of the Glider Pilot License.

Presented by the Italian Federation of Flight, the volume analyses the basic concepts aimed at the attainment of the license, as closely as possible to the practical reality, exposing them in the simplest way possible, without mathematical formulas or references to advanced technical knowledge (also taking into account the ministerial regulations, not requiring any special qualifications).

Richly illustrated, divided into chapters (divided by they turn, into appropriate sections) to facilitate the study, the mnemonic learning and the ease of consultation, the New Glider’s Handbook is a work that, despite of not being burdened with sophisticated scientific demonstrations, is able to treat the subject with depth and knowledge of the facts.

The book sold more than 600 copies and was adopted as a textebook by the major Italian Gliding schools.