Book Detail

Genre: Fiction

, 10/5/2017

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788893843041

The Unsettled Cruise

Inquietante Crociera

During a long voyage on the cruise ship “Etruria”, the passengers become caught up in a chain of unexpected, mysterious, and dramatic events. Some presentiments that anticipate dangerous future events are irresponsibly ignored with errant indifference.

The lavish life on the cruise represents the escape from our responsibilities (in respects to actual political, health, and ecological emergencies) immersed in a pleasure-seeking sailing without guidance, a haven, or a destination.
Suddenly, however, the distant happenings in the world represent themselves as an unexpected gust of wind that comes from afar and the lives of the travelers become intertwined by the strange happenings that happen aboard the luxurious ship.

Published by Europa Edizioni