Book Detail

Publisher: La Coccinella

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978887548507-8


Three very nice vehicles are the characters in this delightful series of shaped, sturdy and very long concertina books. Their non-stop trips offer the child the chance to look at different landscapes, to meet many people and to find many details to look at. The rhymed text never ends: it starts from the cover, follows the book pages while you open them one by one until it becomes about one meter long, then you turn it the other side to proceed further and when you get to the end… the journey begins again, in the submarine to the depths of the sea, on the train between countries and valleys, by helicopter in the landscapes of the fairy tales!

Trim size 9 x 19.7 cm
20 high bulk pages shaped and glossy painted
Concertina binding
In the same series: Sottomarino (Submarine) and Elicottero (Helicopter)

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