Book Detail

Publisher: La Coccinella

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978887548620-4

When I get Angry…

With pictures changing completely by pulling a slider, these attractive and original books deal with children’s fears and feelings, helping to recognize them and to try to play them down. So, a very angry boy suddenly turns into a raging tiger, or a big bad and scaring wolf turns into a sweet and meek lap dog…
Suprising and very funny situations to amuse little ones and grown-ups too!

Trim size 23.5 x 21.7 cm
12 pages
Board book cased, with a sliding mechanism in every double page

Così Cosà series
Titles in the series:
978887548621-1 If a Dragon Comes…
978887548620-4 When I get Angry…
978887548815-4 I Wish I Were…

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