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Publisher: Leone Editore

Format: paperback

1494 – The Inquisitor’s Shadow

  1. Tomás de Torquemada, Inquisitor General of Castile and Aragon, is in search of a shocking document, passed down through the centuries and able to undermine the Church’s foundations, but he has only little information at his disposal, prised out of a rabbi who was subjected to harsh torture.

Among cries of pain and pleading calls for mercy, the tortured has let slip out a name, Giacomo Scolario’s, Senior citizen in government of the Republic of Lucca. Unfortunately or luckily Cruz, the pitiless friar-killer in charge of making the notable confess, has been forestalled by a mysterious hand.

Nothing but Scolario’s dead body is left, he has been slaughtered with his whole family. Is anybody else aware of his dark secret? Who is the assassin? What could happen if the news fell into the wrong hands?

These questions will lead Torquemada, Cruz and the Lucchese officer Ermete Dei Mazzei to undertake a rugged path of investigation, between Tuscany and Rome under the Borgias. A breathtaking historical thriller.


Spanish rights: Algaida-Boveda

Other world rights all available