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Publisher: Leone Editore

Format: paperback

1527 – Rome’s inferno

6 of May 1527. Thirtythree years after the events of “The inquisitor’s shadow”. It’s the day of the Sack of Rome. On the Janiculum, in front of the walls of Rome, the Imperial army is waiting for dawn. Among the cruel spanish Tercieros and the Landsknechte there is a renegade Jew, Salomone, the nephew of the rabbi Isaac. Now he is a soldier, known as The Dog, prince Farnese’s personal guard. The walls seems insurmountable, but an hooded figures enters in the tent of the princes. Using a secret passage through the walls, the army invades Rome like a tidal flat. In a destroyed city, Salomone rediscover his true inner self. The Dog is thirsty for revenge. And the truth will lead to a fearful name.


Spanish rights: Algaida-Boveda

Other world rights all available