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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-89322-09-8



Waiting is a state of false peace and apparent passivity. He who expects is a man that actually quivers, gets worried, hesitates or goes crazy for what is not there. And in a bitter wait of sense floats Vincenzo Zaccaria, a young Neapolitan lawyer struggling with his first important case, crushed by insurmountable unrest fueled by fragility and renewed crisis of abandonment that undermine mind and serenity. Also Lorenzo, a naive nurse accused of murder, expects the judgment of a trial with a judgment already written. Suspensions laden with apprehension and expectations which discourage hopes, make powerless in front of the arrogance of who judges and punishes. Motionless appears also the old Naples, a tired scenery surrendered to its own unsolvable contradictions. In IN WAIT FOR JUDGEMENT Francesco M. Passaro tells with delicacy and precision the particular sense of loss that life forces to deal with, the charges, the mechanisms of defense, that the long process of the existence has in store for everyone. Guilty or innocent.

series:    arcanum edited by Ernesto G. Laura
genre:    noir
pages:    144

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