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Publisher: Logos Edizioni

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788857601328


A delightful volume solely of illustrations, depicting all aspects of the “balera”, the social dance halls so typical of Emilia Romagna and northern Italy in general, where dancing is strictly a matter of couples. And it’s the couples above all that are portrayed through this fluid black line that dances on the white pages, in every situation from the preparation for an evening out, to the end of a lifetime lived together on the dance floor.
Alessandro Sanna, born in 1975, lives and works in the province of Mantua. He has illustrated books by David Grossman, Italo Calvino, Gianni Rodari and Beppe Fenoglio. In 2006 he was awarded the Andersen Prize in the “best artistic book” category with Hai mai visto Mondrian? (Have you ever seen Mondrian?) In 2007 he created Mostra di Pittura (Painting Exhibition) for Corraini Publishing, co-published with the Pompidou Centre in Paris. In 2007 he also began an ongoing collaboration with Einaudi, featuring various book covers, the catalogue and La favola delle due galline (The Tale of Two Hens) by Beppe Fenoglio (2008).  In 2009 he was awarded the Andersen Prize organized by the magazine for kids of the same name, in the section Best Illustrator of the Year. He currently illustrates for Il Sole 24 Ore, the Corriere delle Sera and The New Yorker.

210 x 300
48 pages

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