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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

Bella e Gustavo

It’s the long endless summer before high school begins. When Petra and Nino meet, everybody thinks they’re a perfect match, but it takes a while before they realize it

as well. They keep chasing each other, both of them unable to make the first move. Everything changes when they come across Gustavo, a homeless who lives in the park. Gustavo is a gruff, ill-tempered old man, but he has a faithful little friend who’s always with him: Bella, a lovely puppy. Petra would like to get Bella for herself, Nino would like to help her, and that’s how their friendship with Gustavo begins. And when the old man falls victim to a brutal attack, Petra and Nino will be able to prove that “love” can mean so much more than just looking into each other’s eyes.

Age: 12+

Pages: 160

Format: 14.5×21 cm

43,200 words

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