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Publisher: Sassi Editore

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-6860-057-0

Bella! Italia

For centuries, poets, writers and travelers have been attempting to describe the feeling, the character and the magic of Italy. The great French art historian André Chastel provided a pithy phrase that captures the country: He calls Italy an “open-air museum.”

This definition should be considered and updated. In what sense is Italy a “museum”? If all of Italy may be visited like a museum, then it’s quite a lively, appealing and comfortable museum. It is not some temple to the Fine Arts, but a space that is evocative and active and where there is ongoing dialogue with the past. A place where culture and beauty are available to all and each of us has a chance to connect in a meaningful way, experiencing the land of our roots. In short, a place that feels good.