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Publisher: Giunti Editore

Format: paperback

Bentornati in casa Esposito

Welcome Back to the Esposito’s

A new tragicomic year in the life of a Camorra family
The next dynamic chapter has arrived in the saga that has entertained thousands of readers in Italy. New exhilarating adventures await Tonino, the unluckiest Camorra member in Naples, and his chaotic family: his provocative and bossy wife, his rebellious daughter, his son who loves only food with an exorbitant amount of calories, a braggart of a father-in-law, and an annoying mother-in-law. This time they will become involved with an unforgiving mafia boss and his lackeys, a young anti-mafia priest, an upright chief of police, a violent and bloody feud, and an electoral campaign that borders on the absurd.

Pino Imperatore was born in Milan in 1961 to emigrant Napolitanean parents. He currently works in Naples as a journalist.  In 2001 he created the laboratory of humorous fiction “Achille Campanile” and since 2005 he has been responsible for the comic writing section of the “Massimo Troisi Prize.”

Pages: 240
Size: 14 x 21.5 cm
Binding: paperback with flaps
Series: A
Publication Date: end February 2013
Imprint: Giunti Editore (dedicated page to the titles)