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Publisher: Logos Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788857607511


A whole life that is being lost (recovered?) in the memory of an old man, seen through the eyes of his wife that stands by him, takes care of him and loves him, forever.

A story about daily life, a true story, in a few images where silence and solitude prevail, a story that doesn’t want to investigate nor disclose anything, but only charm our eyes and souls with the deep, moving, delicacy that few illustrators are capable to convey.

Once again Olmos opens the doors to the world that is hidden behind his look, conveying us a sweet melancholy that never loses a colourful and carefree childhood.

The perfect gift for our grandparents, but also for our children. Without a word. To leaf through, maybe, while listening to Deaf Center (Owl Splinters).

Roger Olmos: “When I was a child I was fascinated by the illustrated books my father used to keep in his studio, which I found more interesting than the ones he use to buy for me. Those pictures are engraved in my mind and always will be, in such a strong way that the personal imaginary I have been developing since then has always been shrouded in those unusual atmospheres. This is also what I’m trying to do with my works: to recreate those early stimuli that trained me ‘imagemotionally’ also on the other things.”

Roger Olmos Pastor was born in Barcelona on the 23rd December 1975. He attended the Llotja Avinyó School of Arts and Crafts, where he specialized in illustration.

• In the years 1999, 2002 and 2005 he was selected for the Illustrator’s Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

• Selected for The White Ravens 2002 (Tío Lobo, kalandraka)

• Selected for The White Ravens 2004 (El Libro de las Fábulas, Ediciones B)

• Special Mention, The White Ravens 2006 (La cosa che fa più male al mondo/The Thing That Hurts Most in the World, OQO/Logos)

• Premio Llibreter de Álbum Ilustrado 2006 (La cosa che fa più male al mondo/The Thing That Hurts Most in the World, OQO/Logos)

• Premio Lazarillo de Álbum Ilustrado 2008 (El príncipe de los enredos, Edelvives)


185×255, 30 pages

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