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Caravaggio’s Mystery

Scientific Hypothese about the Painter's Death

An exciting photoreport to celebrate the four hundred years of Caravaggio’s death, to discover his rough life and mysterious death, through the analysis of the remains resumed in the church of San Sebastiano in Porto Ercole.

Which is the true portrait of Caravaggio? The one under David’s hand in the framework at the Galleria Borghese, the man at the bottom of Il martirio di San Matteo, kept in the church of San Luigi dei Francesi at Rome, or even the face of the mysterious figure reflected in the jug of wine in the Bacco? Investigations, studies and researches didn’t have any result about the mysterious death of the famous painter Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio. The discovery of an ancient death certificate, wrote in Porto Ercole, seems to prove that the great painter didn’t die in the Feniglia beach, as known, but in San Sebastiano, where he was buried in the old cemetery, destroyed in 1956.

Silvano Vinceti is a writer of a book collection about history, culture and environment. He’s a television author and producer; in particular, he creates programs for the Italian state television (RAI). For Armando Editore he published these series: Walking around the Park, among Nature and Culture and Italian mysteries. Of these last collections, we remember: Boiardo (2008), Petrarca (2008).

Giorgio Gruppioni is Professor of Anthropology in University of Bologna. His scientific activity is centred in biological and genetic research of human populations and anthropological archaeology. He collaborated to recreate Dante Alighieri’s face and to identify Matteo Maria Boiardo’s remains. He wrote a lot of articles for important scientific Journals and, for Rizzoli, Murders and mysteries from the past (2008) and Paripateticus Miles (2009).

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