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Chef di PugliaChef of Apulia

Let’s suppose one evening at dinner… a genuine lunch to share among four friends. Simple, you say. Yes, but if you want it to be delicious and evocative of the flavors of Apulia and if you prefer it managed by a character of good food culture of excellence, then it all gets complicated and you will inevitably take a seat at the table of one of the many points for fans of good taste. Everything changes with the publication of these ebooks by chef Francesco Paldera, which magically allows you to become virtuous chefs for an evening, making you the authors of one of his culinary works. The ambassador of good taste for the Region Apulia and Institute of Foreign Trade of Apulia, after numerous tours – echoed that in the U.S. – has decided to put pen to paper giving rise to a gastronomic guide that has become a literary work of rare quality. The difference between Chef of Apulia and the many cookbooks is all in the original inspiration: a shopping list made up of typical products of Apulia, six menus inspired by regional culture and as many author lunches, where nothing is left to chance, even the choice of wines to match. A work which Paldera let you enjoy with simplicity and elegance, qualities that are duly transferred in complete menus from aperitif to dessert, to share with your guests.

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2014, ebook format


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