Book Detail

Publisher: Find Out Team Srl

Format: paperback

ISBN: 9788899016630


Second volume of a very original Graphic Novel series about the origins of the Chinese migration to Italy, Chinamen reconstructs the entire epic of the Chinese community in Italy and retraces the history of all the ancient lines who rooted in our country.

Rights sold: China (Mainland)

About the Author:  
Ciaj Rocchi (Milan 1976) and Matteo Demonte (Milan 1973) are video makers also active in the world of comics. In 2005 they founded GKL Film, an independent group of directors, actors and technicians with whom in the last year they produced Uccellacci! Ten years of BecchiGialli and The White Tiger Diaries. By BeccoGiallo they published the graphic novel Spring & Autumn dedicated to the origins of the Chinese community in Milan and La Traiettoria delle Lucciole, anthology of the new Italian comic book journalism. Currently they are illustrators for La Lettura (RCS MediaGroup).