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Publisher: Editrice Kurtis

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-85030-62-9?978

Diabete e Scuola

“Diabetes and school” is an innovating editorial initiative; in fact, it is the first time a book dealing with issues related to children with diabetes and the environments they live in has been produced: in particular, this publication analyses the more traditional family and paediatric centre environments as well as the school, where children with diabetes spend almost one third of their life. Therefore, it is compulsory to provide teachers and parents with appropriate health education to help the former manage all the events that may occur during school attendance and the latter grant their children good quality of life. However, this book, widely illustrated, is also a useful instrument for diabetologists, paediatricians, and primary care physicians. It represents an ideal bridge between those who are in charge of a strictly scientific management of juvenile diabetes and those who spend most of the day in touch with young patients with diabetes.
Pages: 96 – Size: 21 x 28 cm

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