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Publisher: Zanichelli Editore SpA

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Dizionario delle collocazioni

Expressing ideas more effectively

In linguistics the term ‘collocation’ is used to mean a combination of lexical items that regularly or habitually occurs together, and sounds natural, in speech or writing. The way words combine in a language is not determined by rules of syntax or grammar but is instead established through repeated context-dependent use within the language community. As a simple example: in Italian we say caff√® forte and computer potente, but it would not be natural to say caff√® potente or computer forte.

The Dizionario delle collocazioni is specifically designed to help choose the right words to express ideas in an effective way. With a selection of about 200,000 collocations it is also a useful tool to develop an increased range of vocabulary and facility of expression in idiomatic Italian.

Fact and figures
– 200,000 collocations
– 6,000 entries
– 40 pages
– DVD-Rom with the complete dictionary content plus the Assistente Linguistico, a practical device that suggests words while writing.

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