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Publisher: Round Robin Editrice

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9788895731100

Don Peppe Diana (Per amore del mio popolo)

Book Series: Libeccio (South westerly wind)

“Who is Don Peppe Diana?” “It’s me”. Don Peppino Diana was a very unusual priest. Courageous and obstinate, he never bowed down before nothing. Peppe, with the heart of a scout and the Gospel in his hands, in 1991 promoted a direct attack against the clans of Casal di Principe, his land, by signing a document, which would become a permanent mark in the fight against the organized crime. The document was entitled “For the sake of my people”. A Manifesto against the criminal underworld, that was triggering off the streets of Agro Aversano. Don Peppe was a frontline priest, one who in the land of Francesco “Sandokan” Schiavone fought an unbalanced war against the Camorra. On his name day, the 19 March 1994, at 7.30 a.m., a killer entered the sacristy of San Nicola’s Church at Casal di Principe and killed him. He was only 36. This graphic novel tells the story and heritage of Don Diana in the land of Gomorra, drawing the line between all that is left of a man like any other –-who would have never desired to become a hero– and that symbol of the fight against the mafias, which now his life has become.

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