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Publisher: Graphot Editrice

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-89509-91-3

Dove la notte inizia

Ten contestants for a reality show are completely isolated from the rest of the world, without time cognition, inside an old abandoned mine. The same day taping begins there is an attempt against the studio that involves all the people who are aware of this project. Five years later, officer Stefania Pane casually finds a document that leads her to these facts. After a dramatic turn of events, Stefania and her boyfriend Gianni will risk their lives, by witnessing several homicides and by starting a way down to hell in order to save the survivors of this macabre show.

Mario Pippia is fond of literature and he’s an informatics expert and spends his free time writing and surfing the internet and his several virtual communities. In his novel he is able to perfectly combine his two passions by using an uncomplicated language, and by making informatics approachable to everybody thanks to writing with a fast and passionate rhythm.

320 pages

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