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Format: hardcover

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Virginia Woolf, Caterina II, Albert Einstein, Niccolò Paganini, Emilienne d’Alençon, Colette, Stalin, Aleksandr Puškin, George Sand, Elisabetta I, Anatole France, Hedy Lamarr, Richard Wagner, Joséphine Baker, Josephine Bonaparte. Great protagonists of history, exceptional men and women for merits and successes, but also brilliant traitors, strategists of the affaire and unparalleled sinners. Dante would force them all there, in the second circle of the Incontinent, among the lustful overwhelmed by the inevitable storm of passion. On the contrary, Pino Pelloni, a scholar capable of animating and enlivening the serious historical matter, groups them in two sets deliberately disordered: the big horizontals and the loving philanderer. In FAITHLESS it is in fact told with verve and methodological attention the eternal, sinful, will of the pleasure that characterizes the life of the human being through fifteen special portraits of important figures in the history and culture.  A handbook of anecdotes, an anthology of erotic experiences useful to the traitor in search of high and culturally important models for inspiration. And the betrayed?  To take heart, or maybe to lose his malice, discovering that the unfaithful are everywhere. Even where one least expects it.

series:    frammenti edited by Giuseppe Franza
genre:     memorialistica
pages:     144

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