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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-89322-00-4 / 45151

FOLLA, FOLLIA, TUMULTI – psicodinamica dell’individuo nella massa

MASS, MADNESS AND TURMOILS - psychodynamics of individual in the mass

A literary, philosophic, psychological and real travel tells the mass and Order Forces. Two phenomena like street demonstrations and stadium ones where, being side by side, turmoils can be easily caused. So madness of mass, with every its aspect and complications are analyzed in depth. A long examination beginning from French Revolution until Genoa G8, in a constant interchange between public and private, truth and supposition, real and virtual…

preface by: Gianmarco Cifaldi
postscript by: Francesco Ferri
series: intelligentia edited by Francesco Barresi

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